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Psicologo, Psicoterapeuta, Dottore in Ricerca in Psicologia del Lavoro. 

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-Ramaci, T., Pagliaro, S., Teresi, M., & Barattucci, M. (2021). Job Demands and Negative Outcomes after the Lockdown: The Moderating Role of Stigma towards Italian Supermarket Workers. Sustainability, 13 (13), 7507. MDPI AG. Retrieved from

-Barattucci, M., Zakarya, Y.F., & Ramaci, T. (2021, accepted). Academic Achievement and Delay: A Study with Italian Post-Graduate Students in Psychology. International Journal of Instruction, 14(4), scheduled for publication in october 2021.

-Rapisarda, V., Vella, F., Ledda, C., Barattucci, M., & Ramaci, T. (2021). What prompts doctors to recommend covid-19 vaccines: Is it a question of positive emotion? Vaccines, 9 (6).

-Alfano, V., Ramaci, T., Landolfi, A., Presti, A. L., & Barattucci, M. (2021). Gender patterns in mobbing victims: Differences in negative act perceptions, mmpi personality profile, perceived quality of life, and suicide risk. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18 (4), 1–19.

-Barattucci, M., Teresi, M., Pietroni, D., Iacobucci, S., Lo Presti, A., & Pagliaro, S. (2021). Ethical Climate (s), Distributed Leadership, and Work Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Organizational Identification. Frontiers in Psychology, 11.

-Jønsson, T. F., Bahat, E., & Barattucci, M. (2021). How are empowering leadership, self-efficacy and innovative behavior related to nurses' agency in distributed leadership in Denmark, Italy and Israel? Journal of Nursing Management.

-Zakarya, Y.F., & Barattucci, M. (2021). Development of Mathematics Motivation Scale: A Preliminary Exploratory Study with a Focus on Secondary School Students. International Journal of Progressive Education, 17(1), 314-324.


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